Vintage Fashion Retro Leather Womens Shoes Casual Kitten Heels

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None in Circus, Gothic Retro British Style Brush Off Leather Sideless Flapper Vintage Jazz Shoes*3colors (D00012)


  • Easy match with garments in various styles (We have shown some in the Model Show pictures, you may also coordinate with other more styles).
  • vamp made by top grain genuine cow leather in brush off color, pigskin lining;
  • sideless and pointed toes design, comfy and fashionable;
  • decorative belt with ancient buckle on vamp;
  • ankle strap fits 22-25.5cm/8.6-10in ankle circumference;
  • kitten heels, height 4.5cm/1.7in.

(*Manual measuring, 1-2cm/0.4-0.8in difference should be acceptable)


  Size 34
(Burgundy ONLY)
Size 35 Size 36 Size 37 Size 38 Size 39 Size 40
(Dark Blue ONLY)
Size 41
(Dark Blue ONLY)
A. Foot Length 22cm/8.6in 22.5cm/8.8in 23cm/9in 23.5cm/9.2in 24cm/9.4in 24.5cm/9.6in 25cm/9.8in 25.5cm/10in
B. Actual Shoe Length 24cm/9.4in 24.5cm/9.6in 25cm/9.8in 25.5cm/10in 26m/10.2in 26.5cm/10.4in 27cm/10.6in 27.5cm/10.8in
C. Foot Circumference 19.5cm/7.6in 21cm/8.2in 21.5cm/8.4in 22cm/8.6in 22.5cm/8.8in 23cm/9in 23.5cm/9.2in 24cm/9.4in

-Relative Items in Sample Pictures

Coordinates with BURGUNDY version:

dress: S00028, S03019, S03034, S03037, DR00189, DR00191, DR00202, DR00218 (coming soon), DR00219, DR00229 (coming soon)

jacket: CT00268, CT00286

blouse: TP00125N, TP00150

petticoat: UN00019, UN00026

hat: P00614, P00617

headdress: P00636 (coming soon)

mitts: P00621 (sold out)

Coordinates with DARK BLUE version:

dress: S03015, S03016, S03030, S03034, S03038, DR00128N (sold out), DR00210, DR00213, DR00214, DR00215, DR00221, DR00224

jacket: CT00259, CT00283

cape: CT00266

shrug: CT00229N (sold out)

blouse: S01013, TP00167

corset: Y00032N

shorts: S02014

bloomers: UN00024, UN00025

petticoat: UN00019, UN00026, UN00027, UN00028

hat: P00617, P00624

headdress: S04017

necklace: A10003

brooch: P00627

bag: P00618

Coordinates with BROWN version:

dress: S03012, S03024, S03033, DR00187, DR00188, DR00205, DR00206, DR00209, CT00278

coat: CT00280

jacket: CT00273, CT00274, CT00276

cape: CT00223N, CT00282

blouse: TP00139, TP00148N, TP00156, TP00161, TP00162

vest: CT00281

skirt: SP00185

pants: SP00123N

breeches: SP00069N

bloomers: SP00183

petticoat: UN00026, UN00027, UN00028

hat: P00549N, P00598

beret: P00632

shawl: P00630

muff: P00631

bag: P00633

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