Vintage Hooded Mantle Men's Black Mantle One Shoulder Retro Punk Pirate Fashion

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The Whale Bones Bay-The Watchman, Gothic Punk Pirate Hooded Single Shoulder Mantle*Instant Shipping (CT00264)


  • Matched with jacket CT00265 to form a hidden look (Watchman) of "The Whale Bones Bay" series.
  • top layer crazy-horse leather shoulder protector in dark brown (natural scratches on the surface for a retro & wild effect, nonduplication, unique);
  • lacing up front, and W shape bottom back;
  • a detachable black belt on right shoulder;
  • undetachable mantle on left shoulder, made by soft corduroy twill in black, irregular length;
  • removable hood, made by soft corduroy twill in black, lined, undetachable fur edge;
  • This is an instant shipping item
  • Lady Version: CT00264N
  • *Gift Wrappings: This item will be wrapped with fine thick Fanplusfriend box. (*Several pieces in one order would be wrapped in one box.)

-One-Size-Fit-All (Man M)

Neck cir. 52-58cm/20.5-22.8in

shoulder protector total length 28cm/11in

mantle length (shoulder to bottom hem) 106cm/41.7in


The shoulder protector is made by Crazy Horse leather which is a top quality leather.

The distinguishing feature of it is the disordered scratches on the surface, so it can present the style of retro and wildness, which is not a quality problem.

And please note that trace would be appeared when scraped (could try wipe it gently to make the trace unobvious).

Because each piece is individually crafted, the color may vary slightly.

Due to the nature of oiled feature, please avoid contact with light colored fabrics as there may be some color transference.

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