Modify/Custom Request: Request personal changes

Posted by Lily on 21st Jul 2014

Q: What kind of personal changes I can request on my order? How do I send them?


  • We carry custom size for all make-to-order items, with $5-10 extra fee, please check product description, extra large fabric fee NOT included;
  • We can add pocket, add/change ears, with or without extra fee;
  • We can remove laces and fur, no extra fee;
  • We can change the coat/jacket/dress length, with more or less cost;
  • We don't provide custom color request now;
  • For some special pre-made fabric ( especially positioning print fabric) items, height and waist sizes will also be restrict due to the width and length of fabric.
  • If you have custom requirement, please email us your requirement, size, and order invoice NO. together. We would reply you if there is an additional fee (if have), or send you discounts (if have).
  • You may put your measurement and requirement during checkout, or email the additional requirement to: with invoice NO., after payment.