Order Status: What is the difference between "Awaiting fulfillment" and "Awaiting shipment"

Posted by Lily on 4th Mar 2015

Q: What is the difference between "Awaiting fulfillment" and "Awaiting shipment"


When an order is well made and paid, the status will automatically be changed to "Awaiting fulfillment" which means your payment was well received but we haven't started dealing process of your order. There will be 1-2 working days in ordinary working time as we'll deal with the orders in time sequence. While in holiday time, the status will stay for as long as 7-10 days according to our holiday arrangement.

When we complete dealing with your order and send you confirmation email, the status will be changed to "Awaiting shipment". Please notice this doesn't mean your order can be shipped immediately. It just means that we are starting making process of your order. There'll be some time for making process if the items you ordered are make to order.

When your order is completed and shipped, we'll add tracking and change the status to "Shipped/ partially shipped". Thus you can tracking your package and awaiting it to arrive now.