Original Design, Hand Making Process of a Fanplusfriend's garment

Posted by Jessie on 24th Jun 2014

Fanplusfriend's garments are handmade one by one by high experience workers.

Inner of our factory:

Material preparation:

Here's a brief instruction of how a Fanplusfriend's garment comes out.

Take our "Machine Birdcage" blouse TP00139 as an example:

1- design & draw the sketch of the blouse;


2- design the original embroidery gear pattern for the blouse, and make the embroidery fabric pieces;

3- make the patterns, and then tailor fabric with washable chalk according to the pattern paper (would add or subtract extra space according to different sizes);

4- cut the fabric into different pieces separately one by one;

5- iron each piece to make sure they're not wrinkling while sewing;

6- make the collar of the blouse;

7- stitch different pieces together by a sewing machine;

6- finish the blouse by hemming the edges, sewing the buttons;

7- finished blouse:

By the way, we'll also measure & double check each finished garment before packing to avoid possible mistake of the


To make products with higher quality & to offer better services, we are keeping making effort & improvement.

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