Reservation Service

Posted by Lily on 2nd Jun 2015

If you prefer to order our newly released items but need time to arrange total fee, you may consider awhile our newly launched Reservation Service now!

Important Notice:

Reservation items are special offer and will be removed and NOT be available to order when reservation ends.

Reservation Process:

1) 3 weeks reservation time

During this time, customer may order the down payment linkage directly with color/size, once order received and down payment confirmed, we'll make record of this order. 

Shipping fee will also be calculated together in this process.

2) 4 weeks making time

All orders would be completed in 4 weeks after reservation time ends.

3) Complete rest payment

We'll send customer Paypal invoice of the rest payment. 

Once all payment confirmed, order will be shipped immediately and we'll also send tracking No.

Other Details:

1) No order change (size/color) during making process.

2) No refund of down payment if canceling order during making process.

3) Shipping fee will be calculated according to address, the reservation items may not be available for free shipping.

Which items are available for reservation:

Reservation items will be released randomly, usually from newly released ones.

Follow here for more coming items: