Reservation Summary (2016)

Posted by Lily on 12th Jul 2023

We started reservation service last year and here's a summary of the details in each reservation in 2016.

All reservation items are Time and Quantity Limited, so usually we Do NOT restock any more when reservation ends, but in last year we received many many special requests from our customers via Facebook, Instagram, Email and some other methods to reorder one/some of them. We've decided that if the feedback of reselling comes to a certain number, we'll consider to sell them again. So if you like one of the reservation item which ends, you may send us emails/messages.

5th Reservation:

The Whale Bones Bay, Pirate Dress: DR00128N

6th Reservation:

The Whale Bones Bay Jug Treasure 3pcs Dress: DR00186

7th Reservation:

The Whale Bones Bay, Pirate Dress: DR00128N


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