Handling/Making/Shipping Time

We marked the "Handling/Making Time" on each product detail page, they are "Instant Shipping" or "Make-to-order" (the making time of make-to-order item is same for both standard size and custom size choices).

Because of our Lunar New Year holidays, the making time for make-to-order and custom made items is about 8 weeks now to Feb. 29th.
Please take care your timing, and place the order earlier enough before the date you need.
Nice day!

If you have urgent time requirements, please consider the instant shipping items, pick up pre-made sizes, choose Expedite Shipping Method, Or consider Rush/ Extreme Rush for make-to-order items.


  • Arrival time of Make-to-order Items

Estimated: 8 weeks Making time + 3-6 days Express Delivery or 7-25 days Standard General Air Parcel Delivery


  • Arrival time of Instant Shipping Items

Estimated: 3 days handling + 3-6 days Express Delivery or 7-25 days Standard General Air Parcel Delivery


  • Rush Service for Make-to-order Items (*Paused)

Extreme Rush Service

Rush Service


Shipping time:

Express Shipping (DHL/TNT/EMS) shipping time estimated is *3-6 days worldwide normally.

Standard Shipping (China Post/CNE) shipping time estimated is *7-25 days worldwide normally. *Standard delivery has no insurance or loss compendation, and sometimes delay in online tracking. 

*The shipper takes the responsibility of the delivery, we cannot guarantee an exact arrival date.