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Neo-Ludwig Bunny Alice

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  • *Blue Ver.: F00002

  • 4pcs set: JSK inside, stripe dress outside, hairbow, waist belt;
  • *This is a Parent-Child matching garment, check Adult Version: DR00072N
    made by light linen/cotton blend, cotton lining;
    sleeveless, square neckline with chic laces decorated;
    pintuck bodice front with laces & heart shape buttons decorated in the middle;
    shirring bodice back with lacing up (easy fitting, and helpful for adjusting the bust & waist parts);
    skirt part, original poker shape Bunny Alice & Queen Alice flocking prints decorated, lace hemline, double-layer organdy sewn on lining (providing a puffy effect of the skirt part);
    made by stripe organdy (transparent & breathable), puffy short sleeves;
    deep V shape neckline down to waist, small frills decorated, stretch waist (easy fitting);
    lacing up back above waist (help adjust the bust & waist);
    skirt part open front design, could have a part view of the prints on the JSK inside;
    in matched color & fabric as the JSK, tiered double layers, a cute spade prints decorated in black version, no prints in white version;
    an undetachable crocodile clip back;
    in matched color & fabric as the JSK, double layers, chic laces fringes;
    could either attached on the JSK or the outside dress;
  • *Considering the sensitivity of kids' skin, we took a long time of the detail designs, and carefully selected the fabric for making this dress set.
  • *Wearing Tips:
    JSK could be worn with or without the outside dress for different looks.
  • This is an instant shipping item, available color versions:
      1- Black+ burgundy flockings
      2- White+ burgundy flockings (sold out)
      3- Dark blue+ white flockings (sold out)
  • *Special Offer: get a 20% off discount for this dress set if purchasing with the matched adult version, details check DR00072N

-Finished Garment Size 
(You may also choose a proper size according to the child height)


(Height: 39.3in)

(Height: 47.2in)
(Height: 55in)
Total Length
(Shoulder to Hem)
52cm/20.4in 56cm/22in 59cm/23.2in
Bust/Waist Fits 63cm/24.8in 70cm/27.5in 77cm/30.3in
Shoulder Width 22cm/8.6in 24.5cm/9.6in 27cm/10.6in
Sleeve Length 10cm/4in 11.5cm/4.5in 13cm/5in

*The finished garment size means the actual measurements of an item. More info.