SOLD OUT: Pirate Lolita Bias Tiered Frill Trimmings Dress&Hair Dress

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  • made by cotton broadcloth and chiffon;
    double layered frilled bust part, cotton inside and chiffon outside;
    cross straps on neck;short puffy sleeves;shirring back and waist part;
    4 layers skirt:
    one cotton layer with tiered three layers of chiffon trimmings;
    design length: from 10cm/3in above knee to mid-calf
    2 pair of waist belts, tied as bowknots:
    one cotton and one lace ribbon;
    one heart shape headdress/brooch:
    width: 13cm/5.11in.

-Finished Garment Size

  Lady 70 (sold out) Lady 90
Total length 96-119cm/38-47in
Bust 72-86cm/28-34in 80-102cm/32-40in
Waist 56-72cm/22-28in 70-88cm/27-34in
Sleeve width 13-22cm/5-8.6in 13-22cm/5-8.6in


The Finished garment size means the actual measurements of an item. More info