Handmade Steampunk Bouquet Wedding Flowers

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Steel Rose, Steampunk Wedding Bride Bird Nest Handmade Bouquet (P00620)


  • handmade bouquet in original design, well match with corset Y00041, skirt SP00176, crown & veil P00623, to form a Steampunk wedding bride look of "Steel Rose" series. Enjoy your special wedding!
  • an integration of nature & Steampunk elements: a bird standing outside its nest, with small fruits around, wooden gear wheel buttons decorated;
  • ribbon bowknots set with a F+F special edition golden button decorated around bouquet handle;
  • one-size-fit-all:
    total height about 32cm/12.6in,
    nest circ. about 31cm/12.2in;
  • *gift box packing;
  • instant shipping
  • *NOTE: each handmade bouquet could not be exactly the same

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