Extra Discounts for New Arrivals in 2017

Posted by Lily on 13th Mar 2017

This year, we'll provide some more extra discounts for new arrivals by brand.

An extra discount of 12% off will be available for a special brand when new items added.

That is:

New Arrival Item: 10% off discount for 1 week


Whole Brand Items: 12% off discount for 1 week

Hope you all have a good time and enjoy our official match!


Please Notice coupon code is ONLY available for 1 week when there's new item added to a specific brand. If there's no new item, the coupon code is NOT available.

**Pucks' Prank Coupon Code: js89MZ

**Medieval Borgia Coupon Code: 8xd9UU

**None in Circus Coupon Code: Hr8z7Z

**White Lotus Coupon Code: J6c4wG

**Steel Rose Coupon Code: Pym17Q

**Alchemy Spell: Cure Coupon Code: p1bE4R

**Mitologia Egypt Coupon Code: Ga2pRz

**Bunny Alice Coupon Code: 1Qd3nS