Les Sylphides, Classic Lolita Chic Handmade Soft Tulle Flared Shell Brimmed Straw Hat & Floral Mask & Tulle Bowknot Set*3ver

Neo-Ludwig Les Sylphides

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  • flared shell brimmed straw hat covered with soft tulle;
  • brim with built-in wire, could help adjust the hat shape slightly;
  • irremovable random small flowers on right part of front;
  • hat could be fastened on neck with cotton lace ribbons (*UN-overlocking ends);
  • a detachable plastic mask decorated with random cloth flowers and a feather, could be fastened on hat or hair by lace ribbon;
  • a removable soft tulle bowknot, shape changeable by the built-in wire, and bottoms with random cloth petals inside.
  • *One Size:
    straw hat total diameter about 40cm/15.7in.
  • *Wearing Tips:
    The mask not only could be worn as a decoration on the hat, but also could be worn as a single headdress, or a real mask.
    The tulle bowknot could be worn as a decoration on the hat, or a single headdress, or a brooch.
    Enjoy! ^^
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-Color Versions

1- Brown
Brown Hat + Deep Grey Soft Tulle + Metallic Grey Mask

2- Pink
Pink Hat + Ivory Soft Tulle + White Mask

3- Light Beige
Light Beige Hat + Pale Grey Soft Tulle + White Mask

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