Steel Rose, Elegant Gothic Steampunk Fake Leather & Fur Long Spats/ Gaiters *3color Instant Shipping

Neo-Ludwig Steel Rose

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  • made by fine fake leather, fake fur and wool (for brown color)/ cotton & linen blend (for grey color)/ stretch thick cotton blend (for white color), full cotton lined;
  • back lacing up for easy wearing and fitting;
  • detachable fur cuff;
  • Total length: 40cm/15.7in, cuff circumference: 28-40cm/11-15.7in ;
  • Instant Shipping;
  • 3 colors available: 
    1- White fake leather+ white fur+ white stretch thick cotton blend
    2- Brown fake leather+ black fur+ brown wool
    3- Black fake leather+ grey fur+ grey cotton and linen blend

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