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  • Japanese kimono tabi (足袋 たび);
  • sock-like footwear made with heavy cloth and rubber soles. The none stretchy tabi tied by busks, is elegant socks that are worn with kimono, there is a split next to the big toe to allow a better grip and traction.
  • both man and lady sizes available:
  • Matching shoes NOT included
  • feet length from heel to toe:
    length 23cm/9.06in
    length 23.5cm/9.25in
    length 24cm/9.45in
    length 24.5cm/9.64in
    length 25cm/9.84in
    length 26cm/10.24in
    length 26.5cm/10.43in
  • *Please indicate the length you'd like according to the length listed above while placing the order.