SALE: The Queen's Throne, Alice Lolita Large Embroidery Wool Beret & Brooch*6colors

Neo-Ludwig The Queen's Throne

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  • beret with large delicated Bunny Alice or Queen Alice original embroideries;
  • **Random Colors.
  • club or spade brooch decorated (random);
  • suitable for head circ. 56-58cm/22-22.8in;
  • instant shipping;
  • 8 colors available: 
    1- Light Blue + Bunny Alice Embroidery;
    2- Burgundy + Queen Alice Embroidery (sold out);
    3- Dark Blue + Bunny Alice Embroidery;
    4- Pink + Bunny Alice Embroidery;
    5- Black + Queen Alice Embroidery;
    6- Deep Brown + Bunny Alice Embroidery (sold out);
    7- Grey + Bunny Alice Embroidery;
    8- Cream + Queen Alice Embroidery 

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